The method of curry sirloin

The method of curry sirloin

Update Time:2020-09-29
How to make Curry Sirloin?
The curry has a full-bodied taste and an absolute taste. The superimposed aroma of spices gives the curry a varied taste. The stewed dishes have an even more exciting aroma. Today I will introduce you to a recipe for curry sirloin and the ingredients for curry sirloin. There are 500g beef brisket, 20g green onion, 20g cooking wine, 100g onion, 200g Treasures For Cooks curry sauce, two potatoes and two carrots.

To cut potatoes and carrots into small pieces using a hob method, and shred onions.

To put water in the pot, add sirloin, turn to low heat and cook for two minutes after boiling, take out of  the sirloin, wash the sirloin clear, and set aside as reserve.

To add water to the pot, add sirloin, add cooking wine, add green onion and ginger, cook for a while. After boiling, take out of the sirloin and put it in cold water to clean and set aside as reserve.

To add edible oil to the pot, add the blanched sirloin and stir fry for a while. When the surface shrinks, add potatoes and carrots and continue to fry. When the shell is slightly discolored, add water. After boiling over high heat, add Treasures For Cooks Curry Sauce, set aside as reserve.

To add cooking oil to the pot, add the sirloin and stir fry. When the sirloin aroma appears, add potatoes and carrots, till  the shell of carrots and potatoes is slightly browned. Pour in the sirloin cooked in advance, continue to stir fry, and add Treasures For Cooks Curry Sauce, turn to high heat and cook for 20 minutes, reduce the heat and get the juice, add the onion and stir fry, a portion of curry sirloin is ready, the aroma is full, the taste is mellow, soft and waxy potatoes and carrots match the mellow aroma of curry,it gives a different taste to the sirloin. The spices in the curry are wrapped with the food, and the exotic flavors collide on the tip of the tongue. Every bite is an unforgettable taste.

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