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Famous dishes standardized sauces

Famous dishes standardized sauces

Issue Time:2020-02-20
Famous dishes standardized sauces

Famous dishes standardized sauces cover the flavors of all major cuisines, just add one kind of material,can creat the aroma you need,Now it is listed nationwide simultaneously. Online Tmall, Jingdong market, and the official website of CHEFU are selling simultaneously. The market service managers of provinces and cities nationwide provide docking services. The names of the first batch of sauces:

1. sweet and sour sauce,

2. cooking stewed sauce,

3. salad dishes sauce,

4. lock fresh juice sauce,

5. pickled pepper baby ginger sauce,

6. pepper fried meat sauce,

7. fish-flavor sauce,

8. green pepper sauce,

9. Laotan pickled cabbage Soup sauce.

10. Chicken abalone sauce,

11. Curry sauce,

12. Matsutake bone soup .

13. Spicy sauce,

14. Hot and sour gold soup,

15. Spicy red oil spicy juice.

16. King tomato soup ,

17. Garlic sauce ,

18. Tonkotsu Ramen Soup.

19. Tomato Vine Pepper sauce,

20. Black Pepper Juice,

21. Hell Ramen Soup,

22. Hot and Sour Golden Soup,

23. Sea food Fried Sauce

24. Black Pepper Sauce,

25. Mapo Tofu sauce,

26. Braised Chicken Sauce,

27. Hot and Sour Powder,

28. Garlic Sauce,

29. Hot Garlic Sauce,

30. Vine Pepper Garlic Sauce,

and it is available to the national catering chain, fast food companies, and catering takeaway companies. Offering Customized sauces, personalized R & D and production service!

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