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The core of dishes is flavor taste!

The core of dishes is flavor taste!

Issue Time:2020-03-10
 The core of dishes is flavor taste!
The catering industry is constantly upgrading, and consumer bodies are constantly upgrading. New catering has become the main driving force for innovation in the industry. With the youth of the consumer market and the full introduction of new technologies, from scattered to centralized, from extensive to intensive, from commonality to personality, From traditional to innovation, new catering with the characteristics of the Internet era has been formed. The combination of smart restaurants, single-category new catering and new retail has led to a new model of cross-border. Personalized catering, specialty catering, and customized catering have become the main driving forces for innovation in the industry. However, the difficulties and pain points faced by the catering industry are becoming increasingly apparent. The high labor cost, high rent cost, high kitchen management cost, and uncontrollable profits. How to solve the above problems is a common problem for catering industry and catering related companies. The turning point for fast food upgrades! How to deal with the problems? How to provide a total solution?

The standardized sauce is based on the freshness of the raw materials, and integrates the seasoning method of the craftsman to simplify the cooking. All standardized sauces and sauces are developed by artisans who have been specializing in cooking a dish for many years. The good ingredients are combined with the seasoning methods of the artisans, using ingenuity and craftsmanship. Let the dishes shown delicious differently. The development of Chinese food standardization is a general trend. The standard comes from the many years of culinary experience of top and professional chefs in the base. Through its many years of experience in the industry, it records the cooking process, data analysis, temperature and time. Words such as “a little” are specifically quantified, and the standardization data is formed through a large number of experiments by the kitchen team in the research and development base, that is, the standardization of ingredients, the standardization of all compound spices, and the standardization of cooking operations.finally became the standardization of taste of famous dishes.

Taste-type standardized sauces are transformed and produced by CHEFU . to form famous dishes and famous standardized sauces and put them on the market, serving Chinese food, group meals, fast food, chain catering, catering single-item shops, catering take-out and other catering companies .

The core theme of the restaurant industry is dishes, and the core of dishes is taste! Returning to product thinking, there is no feeling about the chef industry birth from 1990 or 2000 generation, and there will be a serious shortage of chef talents in the catering industry in the future. The cooking of catering dishes is full of flavors. The task of simply cooking operation,standardized tastewill be an irreversible trend in the future. Especially after the epidemic, Chinese food standardization is an inevitable watershed. Who will undertake and who will promote the completion of Chinese food standardization?
The establishment of the China Cuisine Association R&D Base for Standardization of Famous Dishes is in line with the general trend and esteem of catering development. The analysis of the current catering industry is as follows:
A. Fast food companies, catering single-item shops, catering takeaways, etc. need to be 100% standardized; such catering companies have more standards for ingredients, processing, cooking, and production, the more successful, the easier it is to copy, and the easier it is to control costs and profits, This is what we call standardization of ingredients, standardization of seasonings, standardization of operations, and standardization of taste and flavor.
B. Catering chain stores, group meals, banquets and catering: 60% standardization is required; pure experience and standards of this type of catering companies are difficult, pure experience-low efficiency, pure standards-no characteristics, which requires standardization of the main dishes, specialty dishes Local, seasonal dishes.
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