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Tomato hot pot chicken making mathod

Tomato hot pot chicken making mathod

Issue Time:2020-11-28
Tomato hot pot chicken making method
Winter day with the wind howling
Eating a tomato hot pot chicken will warm your heart and stomach
The delicious taste of sweet and sour balance is the key to the success of a hot pot chicken.
Today I will teach you a recipe for tomato hot pot chicken
Sweet and sour taste  absolutely delicious
The ingredients for tomato hot pot chicken are 
4 tomatoes
500g chicken thigh
50g onions
20 g chopped green onion
20g sliced ginger
20 grams garlic cloves
20g spicy minced millet
3 grams white pepper
3 grams of edible salt
2 grams of white sugar
20g Treasures For Cooks Tomato Soup 

It's time to make tomato hot pot chicken
Prepare a bowl
Add chicken thighs to the bowl,
Add green onion, ginger slices, cooking wine,
Grab and mix evenly
Make sure that every piece of chicken is covered with marinade,
Cover with plastic wrap,
Place the chicken pieces in the refrigerator and marinate for two hours.

Wash the tomatoes,
Make a cross cut on the surface of the tomatoes,
Add water to the pot,
After the water boiling,
Put the cross-cut tomatoes into boiling water and cook,
Pour boiling water on the cross tomatoes,
The skin of cooked tomatoes gradually peels off
Scoop out tomatoes

Peel the cooked tomatoes
Cut into 1-2 cm square pieces for later use

Add cooking oil to the pot,
When the oil temperature is 180 degrees,
Add the marinated chicken nuggets
Stir fry for a while, add white pepper and continue to fry,
When the surface of the chicken nuggets changes color, remove the chicken nuggets.

Re-add cooking oil to the pot,
Pour in onions and garlic cloves
Stir until the aroma appears,
Pour in the cut tomatoes,
Continue to stir fry,
When the tomato juice overflows,
Add fried chicken nuggets
Continue to stir fry,
Add the water soaked chicken nuggets,
Add Treasures For Cooks Tomato Soup,
Add table salt,
Add white sugar.
A tomato hot pot chicken is made,
Sprinkle with a little spicy minced millet,
The tomato soup is sweet and sour,
With extremely soft chicken nuggets,
Every bite is soaked with plump soup,
The mouth is sweet and mellow,
It seems that every little tomato is dancing on the tip of the tongue.
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